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Vi er i feriehumør, og har lavet et sommerferietilbud til alle jer med børn, børnebørn, oldebørn, feriebørn, niecer, nevøer m.m. så I rigtig kan komme ud at hygge med dem i holder af.

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We are a Danish, family-owned restaurant chain with a vision that all our guests must be satisfied

The story about Restaurant Flammen

Restaurant Flammen is more than just a restaurant chain. Restaurant Flammen is the realisation of a family’s dream to create a place with hygge for all and with something to suit everyone’s taste in food. A place inspired by its South Jutlandic roots and tradition for providing great tasting meals that are both filling and inexpensive.

From Fole Høkerkro Inn to Flammen

Flammen is owned and run by the Rosenfeldt Sunddal family, to be more precise – mother and father Ketty and Fleming, and their two children, Martin and Kristina. A South Jutlandic family who started with a store in the small town of Fole, located between Haderslev and Ribe. 

The family have always been hugely interested in food and wine, so they extended the store and held pleasant wine and small plates tasting events in the evenings. Things developed quickly from there and these evenings became very popular. The family therefore decided to take the next step and build their own inn – Fole Høkerkro Inn. This was the beginning of the Flammen fairy tale. The inn still exists in Fole to this day, providing barbecue buffets.

The family loved running the inn and working together. They often discussed the idea of expanding and creating something completely new. The idea of a large barbecue buffet concept, with something to suit everyone’s taste in food, first saw the light of day in 1996 and was developed and tested over a period of years.

The owners of Restaurant Flammen, the Sunddal family. The parents Flemming and Ketty and the children Kristina and Martin.
The menu
The menu consists of many kinds of meat, all of which have been carefully selected. Our carvers are waiting for you at the grill to tell you all about your choices. To top things off, we also have a large salad bar and various hot side dishes.

Familierestaurant, stor buffet med min. 15 slags kød på grillen
Stor salatbar med min. 50 varianter hos Flammen
Kød og kartofler hos Flammen
Vælg dit eget kød hos vores udskærere - salat og tilbehør vælger du også selv
Udskæring lægges på tallerkenen
Flammen har udvalgte supper i buffeten
Laks er en af forreterne i Flammens buffet
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