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Welcome to Restaurant Flammen Aalborg

We are the northernmost Flammen restaurant. However, these latitudes in Denmark do not make much of a difference to the temperature or air humidity. But it does mean there is something very special about our restaurant. We are located in the former cinema, Bio 5. It is an old and beautiful building that has soul and history. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant, full of pure Flammen hygge. 

Joakim Jakobsgaard Restaurantchef Odense
Mads Kann Hostrup
Manager, Restaurant Flammen Aalborg

Address and parking

Restaurant Flammen Aalborg
Østerågade 27,
9000 Aalborg
parking Arriving by car?

Restauranten ligger i centrum af byen overfor John Bull Pub og skråt overfor Burger King.

Der er ingen p-pladser tilknyttet til restauranten, men der er, mod betaling, mulighed for at parkere ved Salling på Nytorv 9, ca. 200 meter fra restauranten eller ved Q-park på Strandvejen 11.

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Sunday - thursday: 17.00 - 22.00
  • Friday - saturday: 17.00 - 23.00

The buffet closes:

  • Sunday - thursday: Kl. 21.00
  • Friday - saturday: Kl. 22.00

Starting October 19th 2019

  • Saturday: 9.30 - 14.00
  • Sunday: 9.30 - 14.00

Phone hours

  • Sunday - thursday: 13.00 - 20.00
  • Friday - saturday: 13.00 - 21.00
Call us at+45 35 26 63 68

Please check online booking or call us directly by phone +4535266368 for further information.
We recommend that you always book a table in advance. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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  • grill buffet salatbar


    Our delicious buffet is managed and tended by our skilled employees. The employees make sure that the 50 salad options and 12 hot dishes are always restocked, while the carving station staff ensures that you get to sample the 15 different meats we have on the grill. Bon appétit!
  • Plads til store selskaber


    Large parties are welcome here at Flammen in Aalborg. We have one of Denmark’s largest Flammen restaurants, with a capacity of 430 guests, which means that we can offer you ample room. Give us a call or send us a message; we will find the perfect solution just for you.
  • Flammen dækket til fødselsdag - gavekort

    Restaurant gift card

    If you want to buy a gift card for someone close to you, and if it should include great food and a lovely evening in good company, then a gift card to restaurant Flammen Aalborg may be just the thing. We will certainly do our part and serve great food and make sure that the lucky gift card recipients have a pleasant evening.
  • Kød på grillen hos Restaurant Flammen

    Eatery Aalborg

    If you are looking for a great eatery in Aalborg we can offer you a delicious grill buffet with something for everyone. You are sure to have a wonderful experience, regardless of whether you come alone, with your significant other or with the whole family. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our eatery in Aalborg.
  • Familierestaurant - tag familien med på restaurant

    Family restaurant

    Flammen is the result of one family’s wish to establish a cosy place that everyone would enjoy, with something for every taste and where, in true Southern-Jutland style, you can eat your fill without draining your wallet. So don’t worry, just bring your family to our family restaurant in Aalborg.
  • Tag ud at spise med venner og familie

    Going out to eat

    Take friends, family or business acquaintances out to eat at Flammen Aalborg. Our buffet, with a minimum of 15 different kinds of meat and a large salad bar, ensures that there is something for everyone. Apart from our large grill and salad buffet, you can of course also order beer, soft drinks, wine, coffee, desserts and so on.
  • Gullash ragout fra Flammens buffet

    Restaurant Aalborg

    Restaurant Flammen Aalborg, like our other restaurants, is a buffet restaurant. We may not serve à la carte, but we offer many different cuts of meat and a large selection of salads and side dishes. Together with our grill master, you can choose your favourite cuts directly from the grill.

Restaurant Flammen in Aalborg: Have a good meal

When you highlight the fourth largest city in Denmark, the Paris of the Nordic countries and the capital of the North Jutland Region, there is no doubt that you are talking about a very special city. This is of course Aalborg. Exciting attractions, beautiful hotels, pleasant atmosphere, iconic pulse and countless restaurants in Aalborg make the city an attractive place.

It is a location that houses everything from many different kinds of business places in the private sector to the public sector. Aalborg is also considered an energetic university city, which also gives rise to a young environment. Based on this, it is not difficult to state that in Aalborg there is room for everyone.

For example, you can invite you and your loved ones to visit our physical Flammen restaurant in Aalborg. See more about our restaurants around the country so you can find one near you. Here we look forward to welcoming you, where we make sure that you just order the food with drinks and then take good care of yourself in our huge barbecue buffet. Among other things, you can meet a buffet full of:

Minimum 3 varieties of starters to start the experience on
Minimum 15 kinds of meat with a high focus on unique specialties
Minimum 50 different varieties in the salad bar to accommodate the healthy alternative
Minimum 10 kinds of hot accessories with sauce and dip of various kinds

There are many different restaurants in the center of Aalborg. At our restaurant in Aalborg you can experience not only a good and solid gastronomic experience. We also combine with a large portion of good customer service in our pleasant, nice and gentle atmosphere. It is important that you feel at home in our restaurant in Aalborg, so you can enjoy the food and feel comfortable.

Takeaway options from our Flammen restaurant in Aalborg

Are you looking for good places to eat in Aalborg? Try to order our take-away. In all our restaurants, we strive to have food in the grill buffet of different kinds. That way, there is always something for everyone. It is only natural that you have varying and individual taste buds. Likewise, the desire and need for food also depends on your mood. That is why we make sure that there is always something that suits you and your guests.

You have many options when it comes to take-away in Aalborg. Our buffet contains various iconic, classic and tasteful sections from our physical barbecue buffet in the restaurants. Here you can get a brief insight into what our take-away universe has to offer you:

Different varieties of salads for the healthy mouth
Freshly baked bread with a crispy crust and soft center
Plain butter or spice butter for special taste
Desserts that are cooling, sweet and sinful
Rich and creamy pasta salad as the ultimate accessory
Crispy snack baskets with, among other things, chili cheese bites or onion rings
Tasteful sauce and dip of various kinds
Different varieties of exciting drinks
Various and wholesome dishes
Warm, delicious and nutritious accessory for your protein

In addition to being able to put together your favorite package with whatever you want and need, you can make everyday life even more efficient. Simply by selecting one of the already finished menus. You will spend less time and less effort looking for the right accessories. We can do that for you. There is ample opportunity to check out our take-away selection in the various restaurants.

Furthermore, we offer to be in charge of the food for your next major event. We can handle both the small and large assemblies with our barbecue buffet. It could, for example, be for the upcoming confirmation, the next round birthday or the cozy christening.

This is how Flammen's smart takeaway concept works

Our online platform is our sacred universe where you can surf around our menus and dishes. Here, as I said, you can create your own meal based on desire, desire and need. When you order food from our restaurant in Aalborg, you just have to highlight your favorite pick-up time. That way, we can make sure the food is ready when you can pick up the meal.

So it is an efficient, easy and convenient process when it comes to providing food for the table at home with us. And you do not have to worry about the amount of food, as we do not compromise on the quality or quantity of our dishes. It is important for us that you are left at home with a tasteful and filling feeling after the meal from restaurant Flammen.

We also believe that our customers will return when the need for take away becomes a necessity again. In this way, you can focus on the important tasks for your everyday life to merge into a higher entity.

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