Restaurant Flammens barbecue buffet in Copenhagen

Eat as much as you like from our enormous barbecue buffet,
brimming with meat, hot side dishes, salads and fresh bread

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Restaurant Flammen has at least 15 different cuts of meat on the grill every evening

Every evening, you have option of tasting all the various cuts of meat we have on our grill. We have a wide variety to choose from: brisket of beef, rump of veal, Black Angus “okseblomme”, juicy spareribs, Argentinian sausages and much more besides.


  • Enormous barbecue buffet 

    Would you like to taste a wide variety of dishes? Every evening, our barbecue buffet features at least 3 starters, at least 15 different cuts of meat, at least 10 varieties of hot side dishes and a large salad bar with at least 50 different ingredients to choose from. Eat as much as you like.


  • Events

    If you wish to hold an event, no matter if this is for a company, a private occasion or something else entirely, Restaurant Flammen is a possibility. Our buffet makes it easy for your guests to choose what they want to eat, because there is something to suit every taste.


  • Parties 

    We would be delighted to welcome your party to our restaurants, whether this is a confirmation party, birthday party, christening party or other type of festivity. We have the facilities to accommodate your next party.


We are a Danish, family-owned restaurant chain with a vision that all our guests must be satisfied.

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