Win a gift card worth DKK 1,000.

Take part in the competition to win a gift card worth DKK 1,000 by sharing your opinion with us. Scan the code from the place mat or text send ”Flammen” to 1277. Or share your opionion on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor og Trustpilot.

You will be charged your standard text rate. One winner is drawn every month.
The winner is contacted directly and published on our website and Facebook.

Previous winners:

September 2019: Dorthe Pedersen
August 2019: Ole P
July 2019: Tine Villum
June 2019: Sif Bengtsson
May 2019: Bjarne R.
April 2019: Mathilde
Marts 2019: Magnus G.
February 2019: LouiseJanuary 2019: Brian
December 2018: Hanne
November 2018: Christina
October 2018: Robin
September 2018: Frederik H, Randers

August 2018: Anja
July 2018: Steffen Mohn
June 2018: Kirsten Jensen

Maj 2018: Lars
April 2018: Martin Wilkens

Marts 2018: 
Tine Japp
February 2018: Samantha Sloth 
January 2018: Mikkel Elfaard 
December 2017: Nancy Søndergaard
November 2017:  Stella Markusen
October 2017: Carsten Doktor
September 2017: Thor Koustrup
August 2017: Hanne Ravn 
Juli 2017: Peter Thomasen fra Aarhus
Juni 2017: Christine Skifter fra Randers
Maj 2017: Peter Iversen fra Vejle 
April 2017: Terkel Hansen fra Næstved
Marts 2017: Vinni fra Herning
Februar 2017: Claus Hansen fra Herning
Januar 2017: Cathrine Lind fra Roskilde

Terms for participation

Competition terms: Restaurant Flammen will issue a gift card of DDK 1,000. The winner will be drawn from anyone who has made sense to scan the QR code on the blanket or send "Flammen" to 1277 during the month in question. The competition runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. The winner will be drawn and published no later than 5. in the following month at and The winner is notified directly by mail or phone. In case of doubt or disagreement about the conditions of competition, it will be Restaurant Flammen that determines the interpretation.

You can at any time sign up for the competition by deleting your review / review at the above locations. If you have participated by scanning the code or sending the "Flammen" to 1277, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to

Your data is treated confidentially
Your information is treated confidentially and is not forwarded to third parties.

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